Life as it was meant to be lived, Naturally

Nestled contentedly in a rolling expanse of the Cashiers area of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there exists a place where home settings and amenities emerge naturally from the land—as if they always have been. It's a place surrounded by pristine national wilderness—so you know it always will be. It's a place where new beginnings and new discoveries spring naturally from every moment out of the spectacular beauty that is Chinquapin.

With only 200 home settings on 2,000 acres, you get the blissful privacy of owning your own haven in the mountains while being a comfortable, breathing-room distance from your nearest neighbors. The pathways and buildings on Chinquapin's landscape know only earth, wood, stone and water, so they flow seamlessly with the land. When you discover your personal home setting, you'll see that it emerges naturally as well. And the architecture echoes that same feeling of timelessness and connection with the land.

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