Personal Touches From Quality People Build Lasting Dreams

When you stake your reputation on quality, craftsmanship and guaranteed customer satisfaction, your people make the deciding difference in delivering on that promise. Get to know the people of Carruth Homes by reading about them in their own words and you'll start to see why more and more mountain home builders like you are entrusting their dream homes to Carruth.

"Quality is an often misused word. True quality comes from a team of employees and contractors that truly care about the results of their work and the opinion of their clients. The best way to tell if a builder cares is to ask the individuals who work for him." – Mark Carruth.
Mark Carruth

Mark Carruth Principal

I built my first home when I was sixteen and continued building one home per year every summer thru college. I realized during my junior year of college that homebuilding was the one career that I felt passionate about. I have never regretted this decision and I have never lost my passion for home building. I truly cannot imagine a more rewarding job or a better location to work in than Cashiers and Highlands.

The most rewarding part of my job is being able to start with nothing more than a client's dream and see it fulfilled in the form of a beautiful home that will become such an important part of their lives over a long period of time. One of the most important aspects of that is listening to our clients' dreams and objectives so that their vision becomes our vision on each and every home.

My primary contribution to the Carruth team is establishing the values Carruth Homes lives by and continuing to reinforce our mission. I support and guide a team of talented individuals who are collectively responsible for delivering the home and the overall experience to our clients.

Jeannie Menge

Jeannie Menge Operations Manager

I have had a strong interest in construction and how things operate my whole life. Almost all of my work experience has been in the home building industry. I even enjoy all the ups and downs that come with the construction business and figuring out the most efficient and effective ways to meet the challenges that can arise.

I particularly enjoy being the construction manager at Carruth Homes because of the high level of integrity that the company has and also because of the great customer service that they provide. Our customers really appreciate us for that, which makes it something special to be a part of.

The best part of my job is when we have a completely satisfied and happy customer and I know all that we have done behind the scenes to give them a high-quality home. That's what gets me going every morning, knowing that I have a role to play in all that.

Joshua Menge

Joshua Menge Project Manager

I grew up in Georgia and learned about construction from my father as we built our family cabin. My interest in home building grew from there and after high school it became my passion. I worked for a contractor for several years learning framing, siding, roofing and interior trim. In my mid-twenties my brother and I started our own construction company. I was able to use my previous knowledge but also grow my experience. The challenge of managing multiple trades on our projects helped me to become the project manager that I am today.

I enjoy being a Project Manager for Carruth Homes. I like being at the jobsite everyday interacting with all the subcontractors. I also enjoy seeing a vacant lot then at the end of the project it becomes someone’s dream home.