Interior Design

Beautifully Blending Form with Function

Every house has a story to tell. Most stories begin after the homeowner has lived there long enough to connect, to coordinate the décor in harmony with the home itself, to create a feeling of life and belonging. Mountain homes crafted by Carruth resonate with life and style in every detail. Your story begins the moment you walk in because your experience with your mountain home has been carefully coordinated by our designer from the day you contacted Carruth.

Our in-house designer helps ensure stylish choices every step of your building process, helping to manage the process and bring your vision to life.

We can even turn your interior design dreams and visions into timeless, original works of art that reflect the color and flavor of the mountains and enhance your exterior architecture. Or, feel free to bring in your own designer.

The colors, finishes, materials, trim details, cabinet design and layout, appliances, lighting, flooring—the choices are endless. And having a good designer can bridge the gap between simply assembling the things that are functional for your home and turning your home into a sensual delight that speaks to you on a very deep and satisfying level—enhancing your entire lifestyle.

Whether you've already built your home and need some finishing touches, or are just starting to get your vision on paper, our designer will work closely with you to uncover your preferences and bring just the type of character your want in your personal home.