Planning Process

Value Begins in the Details

Because of our high level of experience, we understand the nuances and complexities involved in building homes in the mountain communities of the Highlands/Cashiers area. We're known for our ability to get plans approved in an expedient manner and proficiently managing and streamlining this otherwise painstaking process for our clients.

To ensure an enjoyable experience for you, Carruth employs a clear, comprehensive planning process that includes timely effective communication, which allows us to bring a better value to you.

Our comprehensive planning process includes:

  1. Site review and survey - review of building site respective of clients goals and construction considerations.
  2. Site planning - selection and coordination of land planner to ensure clients objectives are met while achieving the best value for the client.
  3. Plan review.
  4. Plan development - we provide value engineering input and cost feedback to ensure the final plans are reflective of the client's budget and the greatest value is achieved.
  5. Specification development - Understand clients goals and then guide them thru the decision process while educating them regarding alternative products and finishes which results in achieving the best value.
  6. Estimating - compiling and distributing comprehensive bid packages to a group of proven vendors with the objective of arriving at the best value for our clients. Thorough analysis of all potential cost to avoid surprises.
  7. Bid process.
  8. Budget development (includes time with owner, vendors, subcontractors & creating the spreadsheet).
  9. Contract development (including all exhibits.)
  10. Contract documents - Compilation of all documents required to effectively communicate the agreed upon terms and price. The primary objective is to clearly communicate client expectations and to avoid unnecessary surprises.

As a result of our planning process, our clients receive working drawings and a document with comprehensive specifications.