Production Process

Proficient and Reliable Management of Time, Communications and Excellence

Nowhere else will you find such uncompromising access to the building process. From the very beginning of the relationship, you work with our craftsmen to ensure your home truly reflects and enhances your lifestyle. And then you can be as involved as you desire.

After a thorough planning process and prior to starting construction, we meet with you to capture your goals, starting with a site review to determine the best possible site layout. You can also pay a site visit after framing is complete to provide input on the location of mechanical systems.

We scrutinize construction quality and standards at every step of the way. And after we complete your home, we perform a Carruth Quality Assurance Inspection to ensure the home meets our stringent standards. Only after we are fully satisfied with the workmanship and functionality of your home, we schedule a final walkthrough with you. But we don't stop there. We conduct two post closing reviews to ensure your complete satisfaction with your quality home crafted by Carruth.

Carruth Homes will assume the following roles and responsibilities:

  1. Pre-production Activities - Organization and implementation of those activities required to start the production process in a timely and efficient manner. These activities include but are not limited municipal permitting, community pre-construction approvals, arranging construction utilities and pre-scheduling long lead time resources.
  2. Site Management - Management of all site activities against a pre-planned schedule with the objective of completing the home in a time efficient and quality manner. Time efficiencies are achieved using a proactive pre-planned scheduling approach with the objective of avoiding unnecessary delays. Clients are updated weekly regarding the progress made on their home.
  3. Quality control - Quality control is initiated in the planning/estimating process thru detailed communications regarding scope of work and performance criteria. Daily site visits by the construction manager insure the work is progressing according to predetermined standards and to insure the work is completed properly the first time and consistent with client expectations. Additional post completion quality reviews are preformed by the finish manager and Mark Carruth.
  4. Customer service during and after the sale.
  5. Accounting - Accurate detailed job cost accounting formatted to match the contract budget is prepared bi-monthly for reporting to cost plus clients. Additionally our controller coordinates draw request with client or client's financial resource according to a predetermined draw schedule established at time of contract. Vendor payments and management of workman's compensation and general liability polices is provided as part of this service. Change orders are managed in a pro-active manner to ensure there are no surprises and to accommodate client request.
  6. Finish Selections - Utilizing years of experience working with clients in the "Mountain Vernacular," the client is guided thru the selection process to insure their dreams are achieved at the best possible value. In the event interior design professionals are part of the design team, we provide the resources to implement the interior designer's objectives. Foremost, our objective is to bring the client's dreams to reality.

As an integral part of the production process, Carruth homes provides comprehensive construction management services and takes care of all development approvals and county permits.