Quality Check

Carruth Quality Assurance—From First Impressions to Solid Enduring Functionality

Our years of experience and expertise in mountain home building give us insight to ensure sound construction and operational proficiency of your entire home and all its systems as they are being built on a daily basis.

Once the home is complete, we put everything through a final inspection-from your perspective as a homeowner as well as our perspective as premiere builders. We test each and every system, aesthetic, function and other aspects that are going to affect your first impression and your lasting impression of your Carruth Home.

Our goal is to ensure that when you first walk through the doors of your home crafted by Carruth, you will feel the difference. The care, the quality, the finishing touches—they've all been checked and rechecked to ensure you are absolutely delighted with your new home and will continue to be throughout your life there. Our Carruth Quality Assurance Inspection is just one of the many measures we take to make sure everything in your new home will result in your complete enjoyment.

Here are just a few of the things we check before turning the home over to our customer: